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OEM Hardware sells top quality inch tamperproof screws and metric tamper resistant security screws nuts, bolts and fasteners. Not sure of your requirements? Please call us. Some of the security and tamperproof hardware that OEM Hardware Fasteners sells are Snake Eyes, Spanner, Phillips Pin, One Way, Opsit, Reverse Thread, Torx Security, Tri-Wings, Tri Wings, TP3, 5 Lobe, 6 Lobe, Penta Plus, Penta-Plus, Penta, Ultra-Lok, Ultralok, Ultra-Lock, Ultralock, Avesafe, High Security Screws, Tamper Proof Nuts, Penta Nuts, and Penta Bolts as well as 5 point screws and 6 point screws.

OEM Hardware distributes the best security and tamperproof screws and tamper proof fasteners made. Our security Phillips Tamper Resistant, Square Drive with Pin Tamper Resistant, 6 Lobe with Pin Tamper Resistant, 5 Lobe with Pin Tamper Resistant, Hex with Pin Tamper Resistant, Tri Wing Tamper Resistant, Off Set Tamper Resistant, Spanner "Snake Eyes" Tamper Resistant, Clutch Drive Tamper Resistant, Nintendo Drive, Penta Tamper Resistant, Spline Tamper Resistant, Tri Groove Tamper Resistant and Triangle Tamper resistant can purchased in various lengths and diameters to suit all your security fastener needs.

One Way Slot Tamper Resistant, Tamperproof Screws, Security Screws, Security Fasteners, Spanners and Tamperproof Screw products protect against thieves and theft, destruction and vandalism, corrosion and loss of material. OEM Hardware has sold Tamperproof screws and fasteners, security screws, security bolts, security nuts, and security bolts in a variety of tamper proof head styles and tamperproof drives and tamperproof drivers and tamper proof sockets as well metric security screws and inch tamperproof screws to many businesses that want to stop their property from being stolen or vandalized.

All security screws,security bolts and security nuts are available in inch and metric tamper proof fasteners. Canuck Tamper Pruf Bolt Picks and Torx screws and hex screws which are often referred to as tamper proof screws are sold by OEM Hardware. Special security hardware also supplied by us are security screws, tamper resistant Torx screws, hex socket pin-head, Torx pin-head security fasteners, machine screws, cap screws, self-tapping screws and steel stainless steel. Alloy steel tamper proof screw and tamper resistant screws are usually black in color. Tamperproof screws, pin-head screws, tamperproof bolts and tamper-pruf pan head fasteners are idea for anti-theft.

Security screws properly installed on protective covers can render attacks by wrecking bars harmless and have powerful properties as a security device. Security screws are used in a variety of applications including prisons, government institutions, school property, including signs, street poles and street lights. Some of the common uses for security screws (Tamper-proof) screws are, Street Lights Controller Boxes, Digital Light Projectors, LCD/DLP and lcd or dlp may benefit from these tamper-proof screws. Auto Airbags, Jails & Correctional Institutions, Computer & Office Equipment, Public Schools & Hospitals Highway Signs, Rest Areas Doors, Signs, Windows, Amusement Parks & Equipment, Public Use Facilities, Electronics Rack & Panel, Public Transit Services, Remote Facilities Operations, Restaurants, Resorts & Hotels, Public Restrooms And much more. Security Designed specifically to provide valuable property and equipment with utmost protection from theft, tampering and vandalism.

Automotive security screws, nuts and bolts are useful to protect stereos, on-board computers, wheels, airbags and other valuable equipment from theft and vandalism. Telecommunications industries use tamperproof and security hardware to protect PBX systems, computer racks, and other valuable equipment.Correctional facilities and Jails use tamperproof and security fasteners for high security cells, light fixtures, TV sets, doors, etc to keep things locked down and secure. Construction industry can protect the following from theft and damage by using tamperproof and security screws, nuts and bolts : signs, architectural metal, electronics, gates, machinery, equipment, tools and more.

Theft Proof fasteners are virtually impossible to remove without the Matching Driver. We also stock a range of anti-theft shear nuts and bolts as well as pin hex Screws. Armour Rings Can be hammered onto a bolt head for increased security. It works as the ring cap is tapped into position on either the bolt or nut using conventional security tools. Have a unique slotted drive head that can be countersunk. The benefits are that once the clutch head screw is in it works to prevent theft and it also works the same way with 5 lobe and 5 point tamper resistant bolts. The advantages of the ultra lok are that it is tamper resistant and ideal for use on concrete anchors and security fencing etc. Security Screws like the 2 Hole security Screws are screws that are drilled through with 2 small holes into the head of the screw making it harder to be unscrewed. Special security woodscrews We are the leading source of security woodscrews.

Tamper-Proof screws save millions of dollars every year as they protect you from such things as tampering, unauthorized entries, vandalism, theft, tampering, and many other circumstances. We offer many styles of tamper-proof screws including Snake Eyes Spanners, Phillips Pin-Heads, One-Ways, Opsit Reverse Threads, Torx Security, Tri-Wings , TP3 , ultralok, ultra-lok, ultralock, ultra-lock, penta plus and penta-plus and more.Our Anti theft tamperproof screws also come in various head and thread styles, such as pan, flat truss, round, oval and button heads, along with sheet metal, machine, and self drilling thread styles.

All of our tamperproof screws require matching tools for easy placement and removal. Without these tools, our tamperproof screws are virtually impossible to remove.


OEM Hardware's security fastener division (Loss Prevention Fasteners) stocks a wide variety of tamper-resistant, security screws and installation removal tools; phone us at 1.800.663.6554 fax us at 1.866.586.7397 for a catalogue. We have a variety of suppliers, vendors and contacts with which we have partnered. We thank them for their assistance in all aspects of this extensive security screw webpage. Partner with us for your success against theft.

Tamperproof Screws, Tamperproof Nuts, Tamperproof Bolts, Tamperproof Hardware and more from OEM Hardware - Your Tamperproof Fastener experts! Please call and speak to our tamperproof specialists 1.800.663.6554.
Phillips Tamper Resistant
Square Drive with Pin Tamper Resistant
6 Lobe tamper resistant
5 Lobe with Pin Tamper Resistant
Hex with Pin Tamper Resistant
Tri Wing Tamper Resistant
Off Set Tamper Resistant
Triangle Tamper Resistant
Spanner "Snake Eyes" Tamper Resistant
One Way Slot Tamper Resistant
Clutch Drive Tamper Resistant
Nintendo Drive
Penta Tamper Resistant
Spline Tamper Resistant
Tri Groove Tamper Resistant
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